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There is a lot of information about medical colleges online, and some of it can be confusing. The experts at Medical College Consultant can help you decide which college is best for you, and even help you apply.

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The team at Top Medical Admissions can help you gain access to the best medical colleges in India. We have teams of certified medical professionals ready to advise on where to apply, which courses to pursue, and the best way to get financial aid for your education.


We value diversity and welcome all students, regardless of their race, religion, or social status. We offer a great working environment and make your education a priority. Our counselors help you achieve your goals, while preparing you for success after graduation.


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NANDAN Education Consultancy

we believe in giving in-depth detail and information about study pattern and study quality in the top medical universities of abroad. We are the best helping the Students with the best courses and universities which are best fitted to their career and which hold the potential of fulfilling their dreams.

At NANDAN, is one of the fastest emerging education Consulting Company in India. We specialize in overseas education. NANDAN has been a pioneer in helping the students to choose a suitable medical university


Free Career Counselling Upto PG

Expert counselors within the organization offer personalized one-on-one counseling sessions to students who are interested in exploring and discussing their career aspirations.

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Admission Guidelines

Our consultancy provides comprehensive guidance on MBBS admission guidelines, assisting aspiring students in navigating the application process for medical school.

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University Selection

Our consultancy specializes in aiding students with MBBS university selection, ensuring informed decisions aligned with their academic and career objectives.

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Our consultancy streamlines the MBBS university documentation process, offering expert assistance to students in compiling and organizing required documents for a smooth application journey.

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Accommodation & Briefings

Our consultancy ensures a comfortable transition for study abroad MBBS students by offering assistance in securing suitable accommodations and providing informative briefings on the destination.

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Teachers par excellence

Teachers take great pride in training the next generation of doctors and other heath care workers. The College can boast of providing one of the best clinical exposures for training with its huge patient load.

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The Institute in pursuit of its vision will provide outstanding educational experience in all the disciplines of Medicine and allied Health Sciences in a supportive environment research and integrity. It will impart comprehensive community oriented Health Care to individuals and families.

Many countries offer high-quality medical education with advanced facilities, well-qualified faculty, and internationally recognized programs.Some countries provide more cost-effective MBBS programs compared to private medical colleges in India, making education accessible to a broader range of students.

The high standard maintained by the college and the solid credentials of accomplished faculty inculcates quality standards through a well planned teaching curriculum.Studying abroad encourages independence, resilience, and adaptability, contributing to personal and professional development.

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We are the top-rated education consultancy with the most success
rates of students getting admission in their college of choice.

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Our team of experienced and friendly consultants guides students in
their admission process and helps them in it.

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